Artist Statement 

Our memories only hold on to fragments of the land and people who are constantly in flux around us. What interests me is laying down some record of those fragments. What color or form does one remember from a moment in an ordinary day? It is not a matter of photo realistic representation of one place and moment on that day, but to arrive at core shapes and colors that act as keys to the memories of that moment.

  Color is my key trigger for finding the connection to memories. For example , I do not perfectly remember how my wife looked the day we were married, however I do remember the exact colors of her delft dress, white skin, and black hair, in that moment against the yellow/brown grass of the field we were married in. The relationship of those particular colors elicits powerful emotions of that moment.

  In reproducing these fleeting memories in prints and paintings I use a great deal of overlaid transparences of color and form, allowing what could be considered mistakes or accidents to show and evolve into parts of the image. The possibilities these “accidents” suggest have lead me to work in series where I explore the varied avenues of a group of shapes or hues. In these captured records a sense of time should not be lost. The hills in twilight, though captured in paper should not lose the ephemeral quality of twilight, but be that moment viewed through the fractured and overlaid quality of my memories.


Zach Gilmour was born in 1973 and grew up in Mill Valley California. He is a third generation artist with both parents* as well as grandparents**, on both sides of his family, being artists in many art forms. After some thrashing about after high school, getting a certificate in cooking from the California Culinary Academy and working as a baker for a time, he came to the conclusion that if he liked it or not, Art with a capital A was too important to be a hobby. So in the fall of 1995 he enrolled in the printmaking department of the San Francisco Art Institute. After three semesters there he transferred to the California College of Arts and Crafts (now California College of Art) and graduated with a BFA in printmaking. Since then he has tried to find a way to make his art the core of his life. However life it's self can greatly confuse the issue. So Zach has done his best to find where his art fits in with making a living , having a family and just generally existing, though as of yet he has not come to any concrete answers and guess it is unlikely he ever will. Zach received his teaching credential in Art from Sonoma State University in December 2007 and now teaches art at Tam High School. He lives with his wife and son in Forest Knolls, California.

*Larry & Susan Gilmour ** Leon Gilmour, Phyllis Gernes